The Cauldron NYC Guide To Erotic Massage & Body Rub

There are a lot of names floating in the market for all kinds of erotic massages and they are body rub, Nuru massage, Nuru extreme, body-to-body massage, tantric massage and so on. These names are bound to confuse the recipient and hence we are here to explain it to you.

First of all, the main thing is that you are going to have a heavenly experience no matter, which kind of massage you choose. Once you are done with the massage, you will feel fresh, lively and rejuvenated. To ease out the selection to you, let us understand the different kinds of massages and how it will benefit your mind and body.

Having said this, sensual body rub, erotic massage and nude massages etc are one and the same thing. The only different here could be how the masseuse is using her techniques to provide you pleasure. You lie back naked with your naked masseuse over you running her fingers, nipples and even the whole body against yours. A few masseuses are extremely professional but there are a few who take one extra step to provide extreme pleasure to the client.

When we talk of tantric massage, it is an advanced form of sensual massage. This massage very well incorporates the ancient tantric massage techniques and it is about the complete body, physical, mental and spiritual. Tantra is all about techniques and has nothing to do with sexuality. You can find the entire libraries filled with tantra, rituals and rites etc.

Nuru massage originated in Japan and thanks to Asia that it brought a change to how massages are done in the world. You can term this as the best Body Rub in New York where the masseuse is soaked in a Nuru gel and she will rub it against your body. For the best results, lie down relaxed and forget all the worries of the world. The best body rub in New York will be best only if you can take the right pleasure out of it.

In the Nuru massage NYC, many masseuses prefer to wear underwear given its intimacy in the session. Nuru massage requires special mattress and on that mattress, only the massage is done in the right way.