Our providers are professional body rub and nuru massage specialists. None of them are offering any extras or full service. Save your time and don't ask for a full service 300% we do not offer it. Only for professional gentlemen. 


What customers say:

Darrel Filson
3 weeks ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality

It is such a sensual, relaxing and at the same time exciting massage that it is simply difficult to find words to describe the sensations that remain during and after the massage. I ordered nuru massage performed by masseuse Lady and was just happy when she did the massage. I wanted more and more and she did everything to make me happy. This is just an unforgettable experience. I recommend visiting this massage parlor not only because there are excellent masseuses here, but also because you will get an energy boost for the whole work week. Next time, I will definitely come here with my girlfriend, so that she too can appreciate the beauty of nuru massage.

Alex Wade
a month ago
Positive: Professionalism, Quality

How lucky I am to become Nata's client. This young girl is fluent in the intricacies of nuru massage and knows how to establish contact with a client. I must say that I agreed to meet not on my own territory, but this did not prevent me from completely relaxing. Everything was prepared for my arrival. Nuru is the best I've ever experienced! Only close physical and emotional contact can bring complete relaxation! In just an hour, I recovered my strength and managed to get rid of many of the experiences that I had kept inside myself for so long. I did not expect such a bright effect! It was amazing! I will definitely practice nuru regularly!

Luc Bovardi
9 months ago
I'm working in New York now. Sometimes I want to rest and relieve tension. The usual ways don't help me anymore, so a friend recommended this place to me. What did I like about it? That it's a very sensual body rub. That's what makes you really relaxed. I also liked that there's tantra and nuru. I've heard of it, but I've never tried it, and then I finally had a chance to try it all and I had an unrealistic pleasure. The girl was good, she tried very hard to give me pleasure. But actually, the coolest thing is body rub. That's what she knows how to do with knowledge. Well, that's a happy ending massage. From going to her I was very happy, really rested and relaxed.