Age: 26

Location: New York City

Available: Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Offers: Erotic Massage, Bodywork for Men, Nuru Massage, Sensual Massage, Happy Ending Massage, Erotic Bodyrub

Does not offer: Full Service, Extras.

Same day reservations: +1-917-819-5524

Happy Ending Massage by Lara

Want to book best Nuru Massage in Manhattan, NYC? Tired of your daily routines and want to change your lifestyle? Want to try something new and unusual? Do you dream to get an unforgettable experience and completely relax? Do you want to improve your health? Then you are in the right place! Best nude massages in Manhattan, NYC Our massage studio located in NYC, NY offers you the best nude massages from one of the leading massage studios not only in New York City, but also across the United States. Thanks to our widest massage service range, you can easily and fast select the massage service that completely meets your needs, desires, and tastes. The high-end services our massage studio provides are bound not only to make your body and mind healthy and strong, but also deliver you joy and lots of unforgettable pleasant sensations. Don’t miss the chance to plunge into the world of extraordinary sensations you are most unlikely to have ever experienced! Nuru as one of the leading adult massages in NYC Erotic massage is known to be widespread and fairly popular in NYC and its surroundings among both professional masseuses and common massage fans. Thanks to its essential properties, the Nuru massage is currently most demanded in NYC massage parlors and salons. We also pay close attention to this kind of erotic message and always provide our customers with a Nuru massage service of high quality. The high quality of the service allows our customers to get what they initially counted on. Why do people greatly appreciate Nuru massage? The main feature of Nuru massage is the close contact between the body of the masseuse and the body of her partner. Before the start of the massage session, both partners completely undress and lubricate their bodies with a special lubricant — Nuru gel, which provides a comfortable, pleasant and easy sliding of the masseuse’s body along the surface of the body of her partner. During the session, the masseuse rubs her body against the body of her partner, not only delivering pleasant sensations to her partner, but also providing a powerful healing effect. It is the close contact of the two naked bodies that makes Nuru massage a pleasant and effective treatment procedure. What are the main features of Nuru massage in our massage studio? Nuru massage effectively affects both the patient’s mind and his body.

Same day reservations: +1-917-819-5524