Among the huge variety represented by different types of massage, for the male half of the population, perhaps the most loved is the bodyrubs massage.

At the heart of the body rubs massage is erotic, so it is performed mostly not by hands, but by the hips, tummy, chest and buttocks. For aromatic massage, you need to use a sufficient amount of oil, which will ensure a pleasant glide of your body on the partner's body. The technique itself consists of light strokes, friction, gentle and dense touches aimed at stimulating erogenous zones.

In the salon all conditions for body rubs massage are created, a cozy quiet atmosphere is created. Aroma candles and quiet melodic music.

The surface on which the massage session is planned will be quite firm Immediately before the procedure, the girl takes a warm bath or shower with a man. Here she takes the initiative, gently rubbing your body with fragrant soap or gel, which, of course, will cause great interest.

Your muscles are weakened, and after a thirty-minute massage the person feels completely renewed.




Many who have ever visited NY, came to our center for erotic massage. We work around the clock and therefore can invite you at any time for you convenient. Body massage rub is one of the many types of our studio. A gentle, sensual massage will give you unforgettable sensations both during the massage and after it. Erotic body massage rub in NY is perhaps the most favorite kind of massage for our visitors. They always make it in conjunction with other types of massage.

The art of bodyrub massage has its own history, regardless of its erotic meaning. The world enjoyed it at the dawn of civilization. Among other things, massage body rub in NY is one of the most pleasant procedures that friends can do for each other.


It sounds like greetings from some nice, warm, luring islands. Very exotic and not very well-known. I remember straight away gogenian tuzemochki, juicy and mysterious! Such that directly explicitly hint: we are capable of very unusual things, you will like. Do not be embarrassed, they say, traveler, swim to us! We can surprise you with real paradise, tropical bliss. A kind of erotic "bounty" is a pleasure for grown men.

However, I run ahead. Indeed, body massage - it sounds beautiful and creates some kind of intrigue, but what is it really? Relative novelty in the metropolitan erotic world, yet not as famous as the same Thai. But the name draws, to understand what exactly is a bodyrubs massage in New York, it would be desirable, and then to try, what kind of tropical exotica this has come to us.

body-rub massage in New York


During the session, not only the hands, but their breasts are used. From the tender and sensual touch of the masseuse, the body of the guest trembles and melts with pleasure. Touching her thighs, him breasts, the girls quickly save him from clamping and complexes.

The nude bodies of a man and a woman are intertwined, flashing with desire. The masseuse does not hesitate to touch the guest, her breasts, her hips, her stomach, her fingers, in general, are played with body with all the inspiration and fiction - for the pleasure of a person! The temptress begins with soft touches, smooth glides, caresses of the whole body ... After a while, the body weight rubs more and more severely, the girl focuses on stimulating the most erogenous zones of the body, forcing a person to lose His head from voluptuous experiences.

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